We can divide the chains, which must resist corrosion into two main categories:



- Chains of stainless steel in which depending on the application and substances in contact , you can choose different types of stainless steel ;




- Chains forged steel heat treated carbon steel with surface protection electrolytic , chemical or lamellar zinc and aluminum ( non-electrolytic ) .


The chains steels are to be used for severe environmental conditions, really aggressive and corrosive. These types of steels offer the ability to operate under conditions of extremely high acidity after appropriate choice of materials to use. Unfortunately regarding the class of austenitic best from the point of view of corrosion have a relatively small mechanical strength.

The chains with surface coatings are suitable for use outdoors and to withstand the elements and still for operation in environments with little or no corrosive.

Everest chains will advise the surface treatment specifically for your specific application.